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GrandMetals Promise for Quality and Environment

Quality environmental policy:

All employees are fully responsible for ensuring quality and environment.

Use GM total quality environmental management system to ensure quality products, services and environment.

Fully meet, meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of GM internal and external customers;

Policy commitment:

Establish an efficient business model, comprehensively and accurately control the key indicators of production quality and environment, and promote the continuous improvement and innovation of the company's products and business model;

Accurately grasp the needs of customers and customers, establish a long-term win-win cooperation mechanism, and create a customer feedback system with customer value as the core;

Actively participate in targeted and effective training, develop reasonable and effective performance appraisal system, and improve our team awareness, quality awareness, sense of responsibility, executive ability and creativity;

We should abide by national laws and regulations, protect the quality of our surrounding environment, constantly improve our quality of life and public quality, establish long-term and stable career development opportunities, and build an enterprise culture of fairness, equality, fraternity, unity and mutual assistance.